Robert J. Wolosin

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BACKGROUND Hospitals use patient satisfaction surveys to assess their quality of care. A key question is whether these data provide valid information about the medically related quality of hospital care. The objective of this study was to determine whether patient satisfaction is associated with adherence to practice guidelines and outcomes for acute(More)
This study examines elderly and advanced elderly inpatients' perceptions of acute care service quality, prioritises opportunities for quality improvement, and assesses variation in patients' satisfaction with care. Psychometrically-validated postal questionnaires were sent to random samplings of patients discharged from the US acute care facilities in 2002(More)
Many older Latinos use spirituality to navigate the challenges associated with hospitalization. Although spiritual assessments are typically recommended in such settings, little, if any, research has sought to identify the factors that predict satisfaction with addressing clients' spiritual needs. Using a national sample of recently hospitalized older(More)
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