Robert J. Weber

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A completely integrated 2.4GHz low-power low-phase-noise voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) was implemented in a standard 0.18/spl mu/m CMOS single-poly, 6-metal mixed-signal CMOS process. The VCO-core draws 1.5mA of current from a 1.2V supply. Comparison shows that this design has better performance than previously published similar results.
Telecommunication networks have rapidly added staggering amounts of capacity to their long haul networks at low costs per bit using DWDM technologies. Concurrently, there has been a wave of new access technologies that are driving customers to demand high-speed, robust and customized data services. These dynamics have led to what is called the "metro(More)
There are currently few sensor systems capable of measuring soil parameters at multiple points in space over time consistently and economically, and without disrupting activities at the land surface. We have developed prototype nodes of a wireless sensor network for agricultural monitoring and management. The underground nodes are capable of transmitting(More)
Statistical software testing promises to offer a solution to the growing testing burden caused by the ever-increasing complexity of today's software systems. Nevertheless, the complexity of these systems makes it more difficult to provide a model to use as a basis for statistical testing. The flat and hierarchical modeling currently used to create(More)
This paper presents a dielectric mixture model based approach for in-situ detection of soil-nitrates in real time. The dielectric constant of a material determines the impedance across a pair of electrodes immersed in that medium. We make accurate measurements on soil impedance over multiple frequencies using an in-situ soil-sensor we have designed. The(More)
Real time and accurate measurement of sub-surface soil moisture and nutrients is critical for agricultural and environmental studies. This paper presents a novel on-board solution for a robust, accurate and self-calibrating soil moisture and nutrient sensor with inbuilt wireless transmission and reception capability that makes it ideally suited to act as a(More)
A compact, on-board, self-calibrating, micro strip sensor is presented. The sensor can make accurate multifrequency measurements of complex permittivity in real time and transmit this information wirelessly by using the same sensor as a micro strip patch antenna. Such multi-frequency measurements in a multi-phase mixture like soil are used to estimate the(More)