Robert J. Turetsky

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Many modern polyphonic music transcription algorithms are presented in a statistical pattern recognition framework. But without a large corpus of real-world music transcribed at the note level, these algorithms are unable to take advantage of supervised learning methods and also have difficulty reporting a quantitative metric of their performance, such as a(More)
One of the ultiniate challenges of comnputer vision is iJn video semiianitic understanding. Afany efforts at dteecting events in video hmae f)cutsed on structured sequences sulch as sports or news broadcasts. Howvever even in seemninglv freeformi mnedlia such as feature films, there exists inherent structuare and established production codles. Over the last(More)
Computational models of audition typically include a bank of filters and a population of neurons. For example, the inner ear is often modeled as the Gammatone filterbank followed by an ensemble of Integrate-and-Fire neurons. Alternatively, A1 neurons receive input from STRFs modeling the selectivity to frequency and amplitude of subcortical neurons. How(More)
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