Robert J. Sommer

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Surprisingly little is known about the way people use space. Social scientists in the field of human ecology have been concerned primarily with the distribution of such things as social classes, economic institutions, and mental illness. An almost unexplored area is microecology or the way that people in pairs or small groups arrange themselves. In the(More)
Newspaper editorials have a mixed reputation in the public affairs community. While many previous studies have examined final editorial products as published, few have studied their actual production, and there is little research regarding the people and interests who attempt to influence editorial writing. This article takes a qualitative look at the(More)
Ellenberger in 1960 described the parallel histories of the zoological garden and the mental hospital. To determine how impressions of the 2 institutions have evolved in the intervening years, students in an abnormal psychology class rated several mental hospital and zoo terms. The zoo was rated more positively than the mental hospital, but not as favorably(More)
A hands-on lab for a lower division research methods course used an online format with Web page, Web forms, an e-mail listproc, and chat room. The virtual section received a higher rating for overall value than did the in-person labs. Students liked its convenience and flexibility. There were no significant differences in examination performance between(More)
R. A. Blakelock was a highly acclaimed 19th Century visionary American painter who spent 25 years in mental hospitals. Students rated random samples of Blakelock's work completed before, during, and after his breakdown. Paintings completed after the start of his long-term hospitalization were rated lower in skill and higher in psychopathology than those(More)