Robert J. Sneath

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PURPOSE A randomized pilot study was undertaken to assess the acute and chronic toxicities of two short intensive chemotherapy regimens, and to evaluate the feasibility of conservative surgery in this setting. Additional aims were to determine the clinical and radiologic response and the degree of histologic necrosis after chemotherapy. With extension of(More)
Odour emissions are episodic, characterised by periods of high emission rates, interspersed with periods of low emissions. It is frequently the short term, high concentration peaks that result in annoyance in the surrounding population. Dispersion modelling is accepted as a useful tool for odour impact assessment, and two approaches can be adopted. The(More)
Rothmund Thomson syndrome (RTS) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterised by poikiloderma, dermal atrophy, dystrophic nails, short stature and hypogonadism. An increased incidence of malignancy has been reported in patients with this syndrome secondary, it is postulated, to DNA repair defects. We report the occurrence of an osteogenic sarcoma in(More)
A human spine is a complicated structure of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles which all undergo a process of change with the age. This paper describes the existence of a pattern in degenerative process of human spine. Unveiling this pattern will be helpful in reassuring patients that the results of their scan are not unusual or indicative of any disease.(More)
Human spine is a multifunctional structure of human body consisting of bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles which all undergo a process of change with the age. A sudden change in these features either naturally or through injury can lead to some serious medical conditions which puts huge burden on health services and economy. While aging is inevitable, the(More)
The effects of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) diffusion into activated sludge (AS) on odor and volatile organic compound (VOC) concentrations in offgas were studied over an 8-week period. Most VOCs detected in the offgas of both aeration tanks were aromatic hydrocarbons. The VOC concentrations generally decreased when H2S was introduced to the AS compared with the(More)
Odours from wastewater treatment plants comprise a mixture of various gases, of which hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is the main constituent. Microorganisms commonly found in wastewater can degrade sulphurous compounds. Therefore, the use of activated sludge (AS) for odour control offers an alternative to traditional waste gas treatment processes, such as(More)
Synopsis Using an image analyzer, a method was developed for measuring differences in the beard hair removal efficacy of shaving systems. The method involves the collection of shaved whiskers from three panels of shavers. The panelists use two different shaving products on the two sides of their faces which they alternate from day to day. The lengths or(More)
A human spine is a complicated structure of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles which all undergo a process of change with age. This paper describes the use of artificial intelligence in visualization and better understanding of the progressive and degenerative changes in human lumbar spine. Visualizing this pattern of change will be helpful in finding the(More)
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