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Nature's engineering of wood through genetics, stand conditions , and environment creates wide variability in wood as a material, which in turn introduces difficulties in wood processing and utilization. Manufacturers sometimes find it difficult to consistently process wood into quality products because of its wide range of properties. The primary objective(More)
This guide was prepared to assist field foresters in the use of stress wave timing instruments to locate and define areas of decay in standing timber. The first three sections provide background information, the principles of stress wave non-destructive testing, and measurement techniques for stress wave nondestructive testing. The last section is a(More)
This guide was prepared to assist inspectors in the use of stress wave timing instruments and the various methods of locating and defining areas of decay in timber bridge members. The first two sections provide (a) background information regarding conventional methods to locate and measure decay in timber bridges and (b) the principles of stress wave(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t We present a detailed semantics for linguistic spatial expressions supportive of computational processing that draws substantially on the principles and tools of ontological engineering and formal ontology. We cover language concerned with space, actions in space and spatial relationships and develop an ontological(More)
This paper describes the general concept of Route Graphs, to be used for navigation by various agents in a variety of scenarios. We introduce the concept of an ontology and describe the modelling of general graphs as an example. This approach is then applied to define a " lightweight " ontology of Route Graphs in an indoors environment, giving at first just(More)
For AOP (Agent Oriented Programming) to become a mature discipline, lessons must be learned from practical language implementations. We present AF-APL (AgentFac-tory-Agent Programming Language) as an Agent Oriented Programming Language that has matured with continued revisions and implementations, resulting in a language-which, although based on the more(More)
Establishing a clean relationship between a robot's spatial model and natural language components is a non-trivial task, but is key to designing verbally controlled, navigating service robots. In this paper we examine the issues involved in the development of dialogue controlled navigating robots. In particular, we treat our robots as so-called Shared(More)
PURPOSE Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a multifactorial blinding disease in the elderly. LOC387715 harbors a single-nucleotide polymorphism that has an association with AMD. This study was conducted to confirm the association between LOC387715 and AMD and to refine estimates of the impact of this gene variation in using samples from three(More)