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a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t We present a detailed semantics for linguistic spatial expressions supportive of computational processing that draws substantially on the principles and tools of ontological engineering and formal ontology. We cover language concerned with space, actions in space and spatial relationships and develop an ontological(More)
This paper describes the general concept of Route Graphs, to be used for navigation by various agents in a variety of scenarios. We introduce the concept of an ontology and describe the modelling of general graphs as an example. This approach is then applied to define a " lightweight " ontology of Route Graphs in an indoors environment, giving at first just(More)
For AOP (Agent Oriented Programming) to become a mature discipline, lessons must be learned from practical language implementations. We present AF-APL (AgentFac-tory-Agent Programming Language) as an Agent Oriented Programming Language that has matured with continued revisions and implementations, resulting in a language-which, although based on the more(More)
PURPOSE Senescent Ccl2(-/-) mice are reported to develop cardinal features of human age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Loss-of-function single-nucleotide polymorphisms within CX3CR1 are also found to be associated with AMD. The authors generated Ccl2(-/-)/Cx3cr1(-/-) mice to establish a more characteristic and reproducible AMD model. METHODS Single(More)
Establishing a clean relationship between a robot's spatial model and natural language components is a non-trivial task, but is key to designing verbally controlled, navigating service robots. In this paper we examine the issues involved in the development of dialogue controlled navigating robots. In particular, we treat our robots as so-called Shared(More)
This paper describes a revision to the design of Agent-Oriented Programming (AOP) that introduces the concept of a role. The proposed AOP framework introduces the notion of a role template and describes how these templates can be used to engender code reuse. We then use this framework to extend the ALPHA programming language and illustrate the use of this(More)