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As a means of exploring behavioral and morphological adaptations for thermoregulation in Colias butterflies, convective heat transfer coefficients of real and model butterflies were measured in a wind tunnel as a function of wind speed and body orientation (yaw angle). Results are reported in terms of a dimensionless heat transfer coefficient (Nusselt(More)
The role that nursery light variability may play in modulating infant biological rhythms is being studied in Stanford Medical Center's Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) and Intermediate Care (IN) Nurseries. In this investigation, spatial and temporal variability in illuminance was determined at 20 sites within each nursery over a 5-day period. The analysis of(More)
Epidemiologic and animal studies identify a strong relationship between chronic exposure to anesthetic gases and health hazards. Efforts to reduce exposure of personnel require an understanding of the distribution of anesthetic waste gases in the operating room air. Concentrations of nitrous oxide and halothane were measured at numerous stations throughout(More)
This paper explains the design and testing of a high-pressure centrifugal compressor. It also covers commissioning and field experience. Important issues for high-pressure compressors are highlighted in the paper in general terms and for a specific design. Included are the mechanical impeller design, seal clearance control, and rotor stability. The impeller(More)
The study of the speed control of induction motor drive using digital phase-locked loop is discussed. The block diagram and the control circuitry have been outlined. A mathematical model has been developed to predict the system performance. Different types of filters have been considered as part of the feedback control system, and their effects on the(More)
Different types of Large Carbon Cluster (LCC) layers are synthesized by a single-step pyrolysis technique at various ratios of precursor mixture. The aim is to develop a fast responsive and stable thermal gauge based on a LCC layer which has relatively good electrical conduction in order to use it in the hypersonic flow field. The thermoelectric property of(More)
Evaporation of water from the skin is an important mechanism in thermal homeostasis. Resistance hygrometry, in which the water vapor pressure gradient above the skin surface is calculated, has been the measurement method of choice in the majority of pediatric investigations. However, resistance hygrometry is influenced by changes in ambient conditions such(More)
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