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Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) of the motor cortex during tonic muscle contraction produces a motor evoked potential followed by a silent period in the electromyogram. We sought to characterize the TMS induced silent period and to compare it to the silent period induced by supramaximal peripheral nerve stimulation. TMS was delivered to the motor(More)
In a recent study of the kinematics of the drive phase of the rowing stroke, Lamb (1989) provided detailed evidence that ergometer performance simulates on-the-water performance closely. In the present experiment, Lamb's analysis was extended in an investigation of the timing of the complete cycle of the rowing action of 5 rowers under each of those(More)
Real-time computer vision systems often make use of dedicated image processing hardware to perform the pixel-oriented operations typical of early vision. This type of hardware is notoriously difficult to program, limiting the types of experiments that can be performed and posing a serious obstacle to research progress. This paper describes a pair of(More)
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