Robert J. Lewis

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  • Franklin T Bonner, Robert P Karrfalt, +18 authors John C Zasada
  • 2008
Dedication This handbook on the seeds of woody plants would not be possible if not for the pioneering work of many individuals in past years. They worked without the modern laboratory and information retrieval services that we now routinely use and take for granted. Their early efforts in the first half of the 20th century solved many seed problems and(More)
Cancer cluster investigations rarely receive significant public health resource allocations due to numerous inherent challenges and the limited success of past efforts. In 2008, a cluster of polycythemia vera, a rare blood cancer with unknown etiology, was identified in northeast Pennsylvania. A multidisciplinary group of federal and state agencies,(More)
Several researchers have demonstrated that the virtual behaviors committed in a video game can elicit feelings of guilt. Researchers have proposed that such guilt could have prosocial consequences. However, this proposition has not been supported with empirical evidence. The current study examined this issue in a 2×2 (video game play vs. real world(More)
Prairie vole males typically display robust preferences for affiliation with their respective mates that indicate the expression of a pair-bond. However, it recently has been shown that the strength of a male vole's pair-bond can differ depending on the reproductive status of his mate. In the present study, we examined the possibility that female-controlled(More)
This study examined the effect of 6 days of high intensity interval training (HIT) on rating of perceived exertion (RPE) and leg pain. Eleven men (age and VO(2)max=25.3±5.5 year and 45.6± mL/kg/min) and 9 women (age and VO(2)max=25.2±3.1 year and 41.1±6.1 mL/kg/min) with similar activity level and VO(2)max underwent HIT consisting of repeated Wingate tests(More)
  • Susan P. Gaskell, A. Rae Goodell, +9 authors Peter Elias
  • 2016
Preliminary versions of the two parts of our report are being distributed to the MIT community for corrections and comments. In the Fall we will make corrections and print a final version. That version will include a summary of comments with responses, and will be printed in Tech Talk. Many members of the MIT community assisted us in many ways. We would(More)
This study examines the relationship between cyclical variations in optic-lobe dopamine levels and the circadian behavioural rhythmicity exhibited by forager bees. Our results show that changing the light-dark regimen to which bees are exposed has a significant impact not only on forager behaviour, but also on the levels of dopamine that can be detected in(More)
NOTE These procedures were formerly issued by the Office of State and Tribal Programs (STP). Any changes to the procedure are the responsibility of the FSME Procedure Contact as of October 1, 2006. Copies of FSME procedures are available through the NRC web site. .