Robert J. Lebowitz

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Methods are presented for determining linkage between a marker locus and a nearby locus affecting a quantitative trait (quantitative trait locus=QTL), based on changes in the marker allele frequencies in selection lines derived from the F-2 of a cross between inbred lines, or in the “high” and “low” phenotypic classes of an F-2 or BC population. The power(More)
The repeatabilities of six traits; peduncle, pod, beak, and total siliqua length, seed number/siliqua and seed mass/siliqua were estimated for the random-mating CrGC-1 Brassica campestris L. population. All length measurements were made using a fast digital image analysis technique. Beak, pod, and total siliqua length showed the highest repeatabilities of(More)
A monoclonal antibody was produced against Kunitz soybean inhibitor (KSBTI) and used in an inhibition enzyme immunoassay (EIA). The inhibition EIA was as sensitive as competetive EIAs and was easily modified for other protein-antibody interactions. The KSBTI assay described detected KSBTI in complex mixtures from 100 μg/ml to 50 ng/ml and did not react with(More)
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