Robert J Laciak

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During fetal prostate development, Sonic hedgehog (Shh) expression by the urogenital sinus epithelium activates Gli-1 expression in the adjacent mesenchyme and promotes outgrowth of the nascent ducts. Shh signaling is down-regulated at the conclusion of prostate ductal development. However, a survey of adult human prostate tissues reveals substantial levels(More)
Ductal budding in the developing prostate is a testosterone-dependent event that involves signaling between the urogenital sinus epithelium (UGE) and urogenital sinus mesenchyme (UGM). We show here that ductal bud formation is associated with focused expression of Sonic hedgehog (Shh) in the epithelium of nascent prostate buds and in the growing tips of(More)
PURPOSE Prescription narcotic abuse is a significant social problem. Surplus medication following surgery is 1 source of prescription diversion. We assessed prescribing practices, consumption and disposal of prescribed narcotics after urological surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS Surveys were administered to a 3-month consecutive sample of adult patients who(More)
PURPOSE The incidence of urolithiasis in children is increasing. However, stone composition studies in this population are limited. We sought to determine the effects of age, gender and geographical location on urinary stone composition in the United States pediatric population. MATERIALS AND METHODS We obtained composition analyses for all urinary stones(More)
PURPOSE The keynote event of prostate ductal development is the formation of epithelial buds that invade the urogenital sinus mesenchyma. Studies in mice have shown that budding requires the signaling peptide, which is expressed in the epithelium of the prostatic anlagen. We report our characterization of (SHH) expression in the human fetal prostate. (More)
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