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The application of fundamental option pricing models (OPMs), such as the binomial and the Black-Scholes models, to problems in information technology (IT) investment decision making have been the subject of some debate in the last few years. Prior research, for example, has made the case that pricing " real options " in real world operational and strategic(More)
Acknowledgements The authors wish to thank Richard Yanak, past president of New England Network, Inc., which operated the Yankee 24 electronic banking network prior to its merger with the New York Cash Exchange and the formation of Infinet. All errors of fact or interpretation are the sole responsibility of the authors. systems research issues involving(More)
The increasing importance of information technology (IT) services in the global economy prompts researchers in the field of information systems (IS) to give special attention to the foundations of managerial and technical knowledge in this emerging arena of knowledge. Already we have seen the computer science (CS) discipline embrace the challenges of(More)
What factors make individual bidders pay more or less for the same item in online auctions? We use data on over 55,000 bids over a three-year period collected by a customized Internet software agent. This data is used to perform a within-bidders quasi-experiment, testing bidders who bid on the exact same item at different times during a 30-day period in(More)
The Internet has brought consumers increased access to information to make purchase decisions. As markets come closer to perfect information, one of the expected outcomes is an increase in competition. One of the consequences is an increase in the price elasticity of demand, or the percent change in demand due to a percent change in price, because consumers(More)