Robert J. Kastenbaum

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In their youth both Tennyson and Picasso created masterpieces that envisioned old men. Both the poet and the artist would live to become old men themselves. This paper explores the context within which these early masterpieces were created, the style and substance of the works themselves, and the possible relationships between their young and old selves as(More)
This article introduces a new partial model of human aging that centers around the process known as habituation. The essence of habituation is progressive response decrement to a stimulus as the organism's exposure to this stimulus increases. Basic concepts and studies of habituation in its traditional sphere--infancy and early childhood--are reviewed. It(More)
In a lifespan study, measures of motor behavior and somatic growth were recorded monthly from 31 male and 31 female gerbils. Each month, after measures were recorded, the gerbils were placed in a large, outdoor environment, or in a small indoor control cage for one hour. The enrichment experience for one hour a month had no effect on motor behavior between(More)
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