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We present a framework for geometric warps and deformations. The framework provides a conceptual and mathematical foundation for analyzing known warps and for developing new warps, and serves as a common base for many warps and deformations. Our framework is composed of two components: a generic modular algorithm for warps and deformations; and a concise,(More)
(a) Flat colors (b) Complex texture Figure 1: A frame of cel animation with the foreground character painted by (a) the conventional method, and (b) our system. Abstract We present a method for applying complex textures to hand-drawn characters in cel animation. The method correlates features in a simple, textured, 3-D model with features on a hand-drawn(More)
T he recognition that better use of existing internal knowledge could enhance survival chances of organizations has spawned substantial interest in the transferability of routinized, experiential learning to additional settings within the organization. Previous research has established that trustworthiness of the source enhances such knowledge transfer.(More)
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