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This paper explores three significant software development requirements for making the transition from standalone lighting simulation/analysis tools to simulation-based design aid tools. These requirements include specialized lighting simulation engines, facilitated methods for creating detailed simulatable building descriptions, and automated techniques(More)
Nerve regeneration through grafts of basement membrane matrix, prepared by freezing of autogenous muscle followed by thawing in distilled water, was investigated in Sprague-Dawley rats. Electrophysiological evidence of recovery in distal nerve was observed at 51 days after implantation of treated grafts whose basement membrane tubes were coaxial with the(More)
By 8 wk gestation, the human fetal oesophagus is identifiable as a hollow epithelium-lined tube with primitive nerve and muscle precursors present. From 8-16 wk gestation, the muscle layers and innervation mature until fetal swallowing commences at 16 wk. This study examines quantitatively the development and maturation of nerve fibres and cell bodies(More)
An orientated substratum has been implicated in the development and regeneration of axons and synapses. We prepared a basement membrane matrix from autogenous striated muscle, used it to repair the sciatic nerve in rats, then investigated the results by histology and electrophysiology. When treated grafts were coaxially aligned with the nerve fascicles(More)
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