Robert J. Heath

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Fatty acid biosynthesis is an emerging target for the development of novel antibacterial chemotherapeutics. The dissociated bacterial system is substantially different from the large, multifunctional protein of mammals, and many possibilities exist for type-selective drugs. Several compounds, both synthetic and natural, target bacterial fatty acid(More)
To better characterize the vaccine potential of Neisseria meningitidis transferrin binding proteins (Tbps), we have overexpressed TbpA and TbpB from Neisseria meningitidis isolate K454 in Escherichia coli. The ability to bind human transferrin was retained by both recombinant proteins, enabling purification by affinity chromotography. The recombinant Tbps(More)
Barley yellow dwarf (BYDV) is a group a closely related viruses which cause economic losses in a wide range of graminaceous species throughout the world. Barley plants can be protected from the effects of BYDV by the ‘Yd2’ resistance gene. Plants which contain the ‘Yd2’ gene also contain a constitutively expressed polypeptide which was not found in any(More)
The polymorphism ATG16L1 T300A, associated with increased risk of Crohn's disease, impairs pathogen defense mechanisms including selective autophagy, but specific pathway interactions altered by the risk allele remain unknown. Here, we use perturbational profiling of human peripheral blood cells to reveal that CLEC12A is regulated in an(More)
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