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Proposed a 120-item version of the 208-item Category Test for adults. When the test protocols of 70 diverse Ss including 18 with definite brain impairment were scored for both the standard and short form, a very high degree of correlation (r = .95) was found, which suggests that the two forms are nearly equivalent. The application of cut-off scores (normal(More)
The functional significance of the stereotypical muscle activation patterns used in skilled multi-joint tasks is not well understood. Optimization methods could provide insight into the functional significance of muscle coordination. The purpose of this study was to predict muscle force patterns during cycling by pushing and pulling the pedal using(More)
Patients who are admitted to psychiatric inpatient wards often undergo a medical screening examination in the emergency department to rule out serious or underlying medical conditions that may be better treated elsewhere. Unfortunately, prior research has been conflicting on the relative merits of various screening procedures, making it difficult to(More)
A survey carried out in the Manawatu-Wanganui region of New Zealand gathered data on 80 of 84 identified individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. Results related to the employment of these people are reported. Notably, many people with Multiple Sclerosis are forced to surrender their jobs before retirement. More than half reported their ability to work was(More)
The ability of ribosomal protein S8 from Escherichia coli to interact with 12 variants of its 16 S rRNA binding site, as well as with a regulatory sequence within spc operon mRNA, has been assessed. Single-site alterations were introduced into the appropriate segment of the E. coli 16 S rRNA gene by mutagenesis in vitro. Their effects on S8-rRNA interaction(More)
A randomized controlled trial was conducted to determine whether a manual-based psychodynamic treatment, labeled dynamic deconstructive psychotherapy (DDP), would be feasible and effective for individuals with co-occurring borderline personality disorder (BPD) and alcohol use disorder. Thirty participants were assessed every 3 months during a year of(More)
Thirty-four tibial and femoral shaft fractures in 32 children between the ages of 3 and 15 years were treated by external fixation over a 5-year period. The indications were fractures occurring in association with other major injuries and failure of conservative treatment to maintain satisfactory reduction. There was one case of delayed union and one early(More)
Dislocation is the most frequent serious complication following total hip replacement for subcapital femoral fracture. We report a prospective study, using matched groups, which compared the range of hip movement following hip replacement for arthritis and for fracture. The range of movement was significantly greater in the fracture group. We suggest that(More)