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The incidence and significance of solitary bone scan abnormalities were assessed in a study of 1,129 consecutive patients with extraskeletal primary malignancies. Solitary abnormalities were encountered in 172 cases (15%). The etiology of the scan abnormality was established in 90 of the 172 cases; 58 (64%) were due to metastatic disease, and 32 (36%) were(More)
Photon-deficient areas adjacent to transplanted kidneys were seen in the early phases of several dynamic studies obtained with 99mTc-diethylenetri-aminepentaacetic acid (99mTc-DTPA). The causes included hematoma, urinoma, and lymphocele. These fluid collections do not readily exchange as part of the extracellular space and, if sufficiently large, may be(More)
A method for quantifying thyroid gland iodine content using a modified fluorescence scanning system is described. The technique does not require a computer. Two single channel analyzers and digital scalers are used to determine net counts from iodine k-alpha x-rays and system response in counts per milligram is calibrated from studies of known quantities of(More)
Recombinant human macrophage colony-stimulating factor (rhM-CSF) promotes macrophage proliferation and activity. rhM-CSF clinical trials are currently in progress and require a stable, pharmaceutically acceptable dosage form. This report documents pH effects on rhM-CSF degradation profiles in aqueous solution, with an emphasis on identifying degradation(More)
Heating ‘Kensington’ mangoes by means of a hot-air circulatory system at >95% RH to a core temperature of 47°C which was then held for I5 min was shown to meet requirements for a quarantine disinfestation treatment against Bacrrocera rnoni, Queensland fruit fly and Ceratitis capitata, Mediterranean fruit fly. The treatment is currently in use for exports(More)
A thyroid nodule, "hot" by 99mTc and "cold" by 131I scanning, was reimaged with a fluorescent scanner. The fluorescent scan was qualitatively similar to the 131I scan and demonstrated low iodine content in the nodule. This combination of scan patterns is compatible with an organification defect in the nodular tissue.
Twelve patients with solitary autonomous thyroid nodules were scanned with [99mTc] pertechnetate and by fluorescent imaging. Nodular dimensions were essentially identical on the two types of scans, but the relative scan densities in the nodular versus extranodular areas demonstrated striking differences. In 11 of the 12 patients, the ratio of(More)
The predictive value of liver scans for the detection of hepatic metastases is discussed. A retrospective review was done on 104 patients with urologic malignancies who had undergone liver scans and liver function tests. Liver scans had a low predictive value, while serum alkaline phosphatase alone had a higher predictive value. The combination of low(More)