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Acanthamoeba may cause a severe keratitis in contact lens wearers. Since most sterilization techniques require rinsing the lenses prior to insertion, contaminated solutions represent a potential vector for transmission of Acanthamoeba. The ability of rinse solutions to sustain an inoculum of Acanthamoeba polyphaga was investigated. A. polyphaga was exposed(More)
Serum hepatic cell-surface enzymes, isoenzymes, and sialic acid levels may be useful adjuncts in detecting early metastatic disease and in evaluating the tumor burden of patients with uveal melanoma. Hepatic cell-surface enzyme concentrations were elevated in the serum of ten patients with uveal melanoma and liver metastasis and in five patients with other(More)
A couple of i s s u e s ago (Febru ary 1983, V o l . 9 , N o . l ) , I reviewed fou r d i f f e r e n t books in tended to i n s t r u c t w r i t e r s on how to develop computer documenta t ion . No sooner d id the rev iew appear than I d i scove red a n o t h e r book i n t h i s g e n r e by R i c h a r d Z a n e s k i . Mr . Z a n e s k i ' s book does(More)
There is a growing trend towards the unification of the practices of physicians under the umbrella of a hospital or group of hospitals. Prior to entering into such relationships, hospitals must test the relationship to be sure that it will not lead to a violation of the anti-kickback statute or, if the hospital is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3), the(More)
The development of empathy in schizophrenics depends on the ability of the therapist to relate empathically toward the patient and on getting the latter to accept this relationship. The patient's ability to participate emotionally is traced through stages of testing, then accepting, empathy from the therapist, and finally reacting in kind. This empathy was(More)
As p u r v e y o r s o f t h e l a n g u a g e , c l a i m i n g t o be c o m m u n i c a t i o n e x p e r t s , we n e e d t o h e a l o u r s e l v e s o f a g r o w i n g d i s e a s e . T h i s d i s e a s e , b e c o m i n g p r e v a l e n t w i t h t h e s p r e a d o f c o m p u t e r t e c h n o l o g y , i s t h e d r e a d e d " u s e o f j a r(More)
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