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BACKGROUND Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) provides a method to examine cortico-cortical motor excitability and hemispheric asymmetry in unmedicated and medicated schizophrenia patients. METHODS Fourteen right-handed schizophrenia patients (seven on conventional neuroleptics and seven medication-free) were compared with seven right-handed, age-(More)
INTRODUCTION The goal of the present work was to examine how clinicians' perceptions of the properties of antidepressants may influence their choice of antidepressants when treating major depressive disorder (MDD). METHODS 273 of 682 (40%) clinicians attending a psychopharmacology review course responded to a questionnaire designed to explore their(More)
obert Birnbaum has written a fascinating and informative review for all those who have experienced the roller coaster ride of administrative quick fixes, or as he calls it, " management fads. " College and university presidents , trustees, as well as faculty will find this book enlightening with respect to their past and future interrelationships. Birnbaum,(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined differences in disposition decisions among mental health professionals using a standardized Web-based simulation. METHODS Using a Web-based simulation that described, across users, the same complex psychiatric patient, credentialed clinicians in a psychiatry department conducted a violence risk assessment and selected a level(More)
BACKGROUND Medical specialties, including surgery, obstetrics, anesthesia, critical care, and trauma, have adopted simulation technology for measuring clinical competency as a routine part of their residency training programs; yet, simulation technologies have rarely been adapted or used for psychiatry training. OBJECTIVE The authors describe the(More)
INTRODUCTION Autonomic arousal is an important component of understanding learning as it is related to cognitive effort, attention, and emotional arousal. Currently, however, little is known about its relationship to online education. We conducted a study to determine the feasibility of measuring autonomic arousal and engagement in online continuing medical(More)
This paper presents a " bottom-up " perspective on how the formal structures of American research universities might affect the outcomes from their decision-making processes. It is posited that different ways of structuring the university will affect the bottom-up flow of information , advice, and conflicts over policy implementation in predictable ways. In(More)