Robert J. Bink

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Heparan sulfate proteoglycans function in development and disease. They consist of a core protein with attached heparan sulfate chains that are altered by a series of carbohydrate-modifying enzymes and sulfotransferases. Here, we report on the identification and characterization of a gene encoding zebrafish heparan sulfate 6-O-sulfotransferase (hs6st) that(More)
From a differential display designed to isolate genes that are down-regulated upon differentiation of the central nervous system in Danio rerio embryos, we isolated d-asb11 (ankyrin repeat and suppressor of cytokine signaling box-containing protein 11). Knockdown of the d-Asb11 protein altered the expression of neural precursor genes sox2 and sox3 and(More)
The specific molecular determinants that govern progenitor expansion and final compartment size in the myogenic lineage, either during gestation or during regenerative myogenesis, remain largely obscure. Recently, we retrieved d-asb11 from a zebrafish screen designed to identify gene products that are downregulated during embryogenesis upon terminal(More)
In canonical Delta–Notch signalling, expression of Delta activates Notch in neighbouring cells, leading to downregulation of Delta in these cells. This process of lateral inhibition results in selection of either Delta-signalling cells or Notch-signalling cells. Here we show that d-Asb11 is an important mediator of this lateral inhibition. In zebrafish(More)
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