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Controller Area Network (CAN) schedulability analysis: Refuted, revisited and revised
Controller Area Network (CAN) is used extensively in automotive applications, with in excess of 400 million CAN enabled microcontrollers manufactured each year. In 1994 schedulability analysis wasExpand
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A survey of hard real-time scheduling for multiprocessor systems
This survey covers hard real-time scheduling algorithms and schedulability analysis techniques for homogeneous multiprocessor systems. It reviews the key results in this field from its origins in theExpand
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Response-Time Analysis for Mixed Criticality Systems
Many safety-critical embedded systems are subject to certification requirements. However, only a subset of the functionality of the system may be safety-critical and hence subject to certification,Expand
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Mixed Criticality Systems - A Review
This review covers research on the topic of mixed criticality systems that has been published since Vestal’s 2007 paper. It covers the period up to and including December 2015. The review isExpand
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Hierarchical fixed priority pre-emptive scheduling
This paper focuses on the hierarchical scheduling of systems where a number of separate applications reside on a single processor. It addresses the particular case where fixed priority pre-emptiveExpand
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Resource Sharing in Hierarchical Fixed Priority Pre-Emptive Systems
This paper focuses on resource sharing in hierarchical fixed priority pre-emptive systems where a number of separate applications, each with its own server, reside on a single processor. It definesExpand
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Fixed priority pre-emptive scheduling: An historical perspective
From its roots in job-shop scheduling, research into fixed priority pre-emptive scheduling theory has progressed from the artificial constraints and simplistic assumptions used in early work to aExpand
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Improved priority assignment for global fixed priority pre-emptive scheduling in multiprocessor real-time systems
This paper is an extended version of a paper that appeared in the proceedings of the IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium 2009. This paper has been updated with respect to advances made in schedulabilityExpand
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Priority Assignment for Global Fixed Priority Pre-Emptive Scheduling in Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems
This paper addresses the problem of priority assignment in multiprocessor real-time systems using global fixed task-priority pre-emptive scheduling. In this paper, we prove that Audsley's OptimalExpand
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Dual priority scheduling
In this paper, we present a new strategy for scheduling tasks with soft deadlines in real-time systems containing periodic, sporadic and adaptive tasks with hard deadlines. In such systems, much ofExpand
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