Robert Huis in 't Veld

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This paper describes the use of a formal method to support component-based development in the healthcare domain. The method is based on a commercial tool suite which combines formal modeling, compositional model checking, and code generation. The main approach of the tool suite will be explained and demonstrated from a user point of view. We report about(More)
Hfq is a highly conserved pleiotropically acting prokaryotic RNA-binding protein involved in the post-transcriptional regulation of many stress-responsive genes by small RNAs. In this study, we show that Hfq of the strictly human pathogen Neisseria meningitidis is involved in the regulation of expression of components involved in general metabolic pathways,(More)
The Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP) is an emerging ISO/ITU-T standard. It provides a framework of abstractions based on viewpoints, and it defines five viewpoint languages to model open distributed systems. This paper uses the viewpoint languages to specify multiparty audio/video exchange in distributed systems. To the designers of(More)
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