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BACKGROUND Women genetically predisposed to breast cancer often develop the disease at a young age when dense breast tissue reduces the sensitivity of X-ray mammography. Our aim was, therefore, to compare contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (CE MRI) with mammography for screening. METHODS We did a prospective multicentre cohort study in 649 women(More)
It is speculated that certain listeners' misattribution of anger in the music of avant garde jazz saxophonists could be explained by the activity of mirror neurons. There is a neurological basis for the human tendency to imitate what is perceived in another person. This may lead to an inference that whatever comparable activity would be required to achieve(More)
Mirror neuron system (MNS) represents one of the most important discoveries in the area of neuropsychology of past decades. More than 500 papers have been published in this area (PubMed), and the major functions of MNS include action understanding, imitation, empathy, all of which are critical for an individual to be social. Recent studies suggested that(More)
This prospective study has shown that oxamniquine treatment controlled endemic schistosomiasis mansoni in a defined rural population in Castro Alves, north-east Brazil. Data before and after treatment spanning 11 years were collected for a cohort of 191 residents. Before treatment (1974-77), the cohort was heavily infected and the prevalence of associated(More)
A cross-sectional study of morbidity associated with Schistosoma mansoni infection in an area in North-East Brazil where the disease is endemic was carried out in 1974. The survey was repeated in 1977, before mass treatment with oxamniquine, providing a cohort of 210 individuals who had both examinations. The high prevalence of hepatomegaly (over 80%) and(More)
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