Robert Herber

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UNLABELLED Matrix proteoglycans define matrix structure, mineralization, and resulting biomechanics of tissues and their attachment sites. OBJECTIVE We therefore investigated physical and (bio)chemical differences in enamel and periodontal tissues/attachment sites from mice that lack a specific nanoscale small leucine-rich proteoglycan (SLRPs) named(More)
To evaluate whether the addition of enemas to oral electrolyte lavage is helpful for colonoscopic preparation, we conducted a prospective, randomized, observer-blinded trial to compare oral lavage plus enemas with oral lavage alone. The quality of preparation, mucosal visualization, and the volume of retained colonic fluid did not differ between the two(More)
PURPOSE To investigate hair cortisol concentration (HCC), a biochemical correlate of chronic psychological stress, and its relationship to the progression of keratoconus. METHODS Eighty-six participants were included in this prospective observational study (32 patients with progressive keratoconus, 32 patients with stable keratoconus, and 22 healthy(More)
A recent epidemiology study revealed that prevalence of keratoconus was much higher than previously assumed. Therefore, it is no longer deemed an "orphan disease", as it has a relevant socioeconomic impact on the healthcare system. One of the most important risk factors for developing keratoconus is chronic eye rubbing which, apart from other known risk(More)
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