Robert Heller

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for example, a general service participant (intermediate grade) whose net base salary is $4,090 a year and who, like the professional staff member described above, has a wife and two children. His gross base salary corresponding to t,his net, base salary is $4,860. His total net, remuneration is $4,890 (made up of a net base salary of $4,090 and a(More)
Importance of this research Almost any process that undertakes actions relies on situational awareness. Such awareness can be supported by using sensors. In dynamic situations the observation task can get complicated and sensors may need to be reconfigured in real time. Choosing the right configuration and allocating the available resources, such as time,(More)
Tim ExTNSION of medical care and health education in remote and sparsely populated rural areas has now become one of the main objectives in the plans for the development of health services throughout the world. Rural health services are receiving, deservedly, a high place in the order of priorities of development planning.1'2 In some countries rural health(More)
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