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To Luke and Jed, the best work I ever did in graduate school, And to Judy, their co-author Acknowledgements Writing is a lonely business, and writing a dissertation is lonelier still. But \lonely" is not the same as \alone." Thinking back on the many people who have helped me along the way, I feel a surge of gratitude, and writing these acknowledgements(More)
for example, a general service participant (intermediate grade) whose net base salary is $4,090 a year and who, like the professional staff member described above, has a wife and two children. His gross base salary corresponding to t,his net, base salary is $4,860. His total net, remuneration is $4,890 (made up of a net base salary of $4,090 and a(More)
Acknowledgements The authors of this study are indebted to many for assistance with various aspects of the study. We list them here to acknowledge their help. In listing those who provided assistance we undoubtedly omit some who were helpful. We hope such oversights will be understood. The authors alone are responsible for errors of omission or commission(More)
Importance of this research Almost any process that undertakes actions relies on situational awareness. Such awareness can be supported by using sensors. In dynamic situations the observation task can get complicated and sensors may need to be reconfigured in real time. Choosing the right configuration and allocating the available resources, such as time,(More)
The goal of this paper is to evaluate the extent to which project management in Nigeria can enhance sustainable development. By adopting the innovative management approach, the study was wholly based on secondary data. It addresses the shortcomings in project initiation which is a panacea of sustainable development. The paper suggests that the high rate of(More)
— One of the key success factors that contribute towards the creation and sustenance of online (2D and 3D) virtual worlds for learning might be to provide game-style educational activities. However, there is no development platform available which can meet the inherent system requirements including usability of platform and scalability to modern massively(More)
DISCLAIMER "The opinions, findings, and conclusions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the State of Florida Department of Transportation." In this project, we investigate a computer model, and develop a software system that leverages real-time traffic data to help the traffic management center (TMC) to more(More)