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Animated Pedagogical Agents (APAs) can be defined as computer-based characters with 2D or 3D animated representation and interactive capabilities through one or more modalities (e.g. text, speech, emotion, gesture, eyes movements) (Clarebout, Elan, & Johnson., 2002; Clark & Choi,, 2005, Craig, Driscoll, & Gholson, 2004; Craig, Gholson, & Driscoll, 2002;(More)
CARDANUS said, when discussing possible advantages to be derived from adversity, that next to death, blindness was the worst misfortune that could befall any person.' This he wrote at the time of the Renaissance, but even when the age of Enlightenment had arrived, a blind person's position in society had not changed. Throughout the centuries we hear of(More)
This paper examines the effective deployment of conversational agents in virtual worlds from the perspective of researchers/practitioners in cognitive psychology, computing science, learning technologies and engineering. From a cognitive perspective, the major challenge lies in the coordination and management of the various channels of information(More)
The Columbia Science Review is a publication of Columbia University students who aim to provide an engaging and informative approach to contemporary scientific and university research. CSR brings together students of the sciences and the humanities to examine the process and elegance of scientific discovery and problem solving. and most importantly, the(More)
Astheniker wurde orthodiagraphisch yon Priv.-Doz. RATKOCZI (Letter des R6ntgenlaboratoriums der Kor~nyische n iKlinik) bestimmt. Ich bin auch ganz der Ansicht yon HOESSLIX gewesen, dab znr Bestimmung der Herzgr6Be die Durchleuchtung sich besser eignet als Aufnahmen und, dab die Orthodiagraphie praktisch verwertbare Daten fiber die Herzgr6Be liefert. Leider(More)
In presenting this dissertation as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for an advanced degree from Georgia State University, I agree that the Library of the University shall make it available for inspection and circulation in accordance with its regulations governing materials of this type. I agree that permission to quote from, to copy from, or(More)
Tim ExTNSION ofmedical care and health education in remote and sparsely populated rural areas has now become one of the main objectives in the plans for the development of health services throughout the world. Rural health services are receiving, deservedly, a high place in the order of priorities of development planning.1'2 In some countries rural health(More)
I have a personal reason for choosing this topic. For many years it has troubled me that some of my friends and colleagues view themselves as monetarists and analyze domestic policy from that perspective, while another group of my friends maintains that fixed exchange rates are the glue that holds the world economy together. From the perspective of that(More)