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This paper focuses on the product design process and the role played by environmental concerns during this critical stage. Specifically, we explore Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing (ERM) as perceived and acted on by two critical groups within this design process. The first consists of the champions and supporters of ERM. These are the people who(More)
Managers have begun to recognize that effectively managing risks in their business operations plays an important role in successfully managing their inventories. Accordingly, we develop a ðQ ; rÞ model based on fuzzy-set representations of various sources of uncertainty in the supply chain. Sources of risk and uncertainty in our model include demand, lead(More)
The pharmaceutical supply chain is composed of multiple firms interacting to produce and distribute drugs in an uncertain environment. In this work, we develop and validate a multi-agent simulation of the supply chains associated with the pharmaceutical industry. We demonstrate that the operating norms of a particular industry can be accurately represented(More)
North Carolina State University's Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) is a unique university-industry initiative that provides MBA and undergraduate students with opportunities to apply supply chain (SC) theory and concepts to field-based projects over a semester. We integrate field-based student course projects with real problems that companies are(More)
Since the 1980s, Solectron evolved as a contract provider of manufacturing, distribution, product design, and full-service supply chain integration to many Fortune 500 companies in the telecommunications, electronics, and computer industries. In order to achieve this set of capabilities, Solectron established a tightly coupled set of collaborative(More)
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