Robert Hampshire

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Online peer-to-peer (P2P) lending organizations enable an individual to obtain an unsecured loan from a collection of individuals without the participation of a bank. Previous research has addressed the use of reputation systems to reduce information asymmetry based on individual history within online markets. Within the last few years one of the market(More)
Twenty-nine patients with chronic liver disease, nine of whom had symptoms suggesting bone disease, were studied by bone histology. Nine had osteomalacia; six associated with cholestatic liver disease and three with primarily hepatocellular disease. Two of these had clinical and biochemical features of cholestasis for at least a year and the other had(More)
Previous reports have suggested that secondary hyperparathyroidism is extremely uncommon in hepatic osteomalacia. This, together with other findings, has led to suggestions that in chronic liver disease there may be selective resistance of bone to vitamin D or a specific bone mineralization defect unrelated to Vitamin D. To examine these possibilities,(More)
AIMS To assess the efficacy and value of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence guidelines for digital photographic screening for diabetic retinopathy in pregnancy using photographic review clinics. METHODS Pregnant patients (n = 186) with known diabetes were screened at first antenatal visit and at 28 weeks' gestation, if no(More)
Real-time parking occupancy information is critical for a parking management system to facilitate drivers to park more efficiently. Recent advances in connected and automated vehicle technologies enable sensor-equipped cars (probe cars) to detect and broadcast available parking spaces when driving through parking lots. In this paper, we evaluate the impact(More)
Real-time parking occupancy information is valuable for guiding drivers’ searching for parking spaces. However, in previous practice, data acquisition requires costly infrastructure upgrades especially including installing cameras or sensors on site. In this paper, we proposed a Sensor-based Intelligent Parking System (SIPS) which is able to detect free(More)
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