Robert Hakl

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Consider the homogeneous equation u ′(t) = l(u)(t) for a.e. t ∈ [a, b] where l : C([a, b];R) → L([a, b];R) is a linear bounded operator. The efficient conditions guaranteeing that the solution set to the equation considered is one-dimensional, generated by a positive monotone function, are established. The results obtained are applied to get new efficient(More)
New criteria for the existence of a maximum or antimaximum principle of a general second order operator with periodic conditions, as well as conditions for nonresonance, are provided and compared with the related literature. The purpose of this paper is to study some qualitative properties of the second order linear operator L½p; qŠu u 00 þ pðtÞu 0 þ qðtÞu(More)
Provider's code AV0 IRP identification code Z10190503 Research plan title Research and development of general mathematical knowledge and its application to other branches of science and practice Applicant 2 Name of the department or applicant's principal organisational unit, which will carry out the research according to the proposal, if different from "(More)