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Increasingly shorter product life cycles impel ÿrms to design, develop, and market more products in less time than ever before. Overlapping of design and development stages is commonly regarded as the most promising strategy to reduce product development times. However, overlapping typically requires additional resources and can be costly. Our research(More)
This paper describes the Semiconductor Wafer Representation (SWR) for representing and manipulating wafer state during process and device simulation. The goal of the SWR is to provide an object-oriented interface to a collection of functions designed for developing and integrating Technology CAD (TCAD) applications. By providing functions which can be(More)
The Myc protein has been reported to activate transcription of the rat prothymosin alpha gene by binding to an enhancer element or E box (CACGTG) located in the first intron (S. Gaubatz et al., Mol. Cell. Biol. 14:3853-3862, 1994). The human prothymosin alpha gene contains two such motifs: in the promoter region at kb -1.2 and in intron 1, approximately 2(More)
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