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The Dear Enemy Phenomenon states that in contests in which potential losses to neighbors are lower than potential losses to strangers, an organism or colony will react more aggressively toward the stranger (Wilson, 1975). This phenomenon has been clearly demonstrated in many species of birds and mammals (Ydenberg et al., 1988). Conversely, in cases where(More)
BACKGROUND Microbial synthesis of oleochemicals derived from native fatty acid (FA) metabolism has presented significant advances in recent years. Even so, native FA biosynthetic pathways often provide a narrow variety of usually linear hydrocarbons, thus yielding end products with limited structural diversity. To overcome this limitation, we took advantage(More)
One of the most visible aspects of special relativity is the relativistic Doppler effect --- the dependence of observed radiation wavelengths upon the velocity of the source and the viewing conditions.In this paper, we present a flexible and efficient method to simulate the Doppler shift. This new method has the following features:• Surface properties(More)
Micropuncture has proven to be a valuable tool for the local study of vascular parameters in many organ systems; however, it has not been applied to the study of the circulation of the retina. We report here our extension of micropuncture techniques [4] to use in the intact retina of the anesthetized cat. We use extremely sharp micropipettes with tip sizes(More)
This work extends our previous effort in visualizing the spatial aspect of relativistic effects, and treats the phenomenon of time dilation; an inherent temporal effect of special relativity. Here, we demonstrate through still-frame images and live animations that in <italic>observing</italic> the viewing independent time dilation, the finite light transit(More)
We present preliminary results on a global study of X-ray binaries using 14 Ms of data from the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer RXTE satellite. Our initial study on GX 339-4 is recapped as an introduction to the methods used. We use a consistent analysis scheme for all objects, with three different spectral models to fit the powerlaw and disc components. We(More)
Six precursor resins with systematic variation of porous parameters were prepared by suspension polymerisation using specific compositions of divinylbenzene, styrene vinylbenzyl chloride (VBC) and 2-ethylhexan-l-ol (a porogen). Surface areas from N(2) sorption and BET analysis were approximately 2-170 m(2)g-(1). The VBC content in each case was 38 mol% and(More)
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