Robert H. P. Dunn

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This work extends our previous effort in visualizing the spatial aspect of relativistic effects, and treats the phenomenon of time dilation; an inherent temporal effect of special relativity. Here, we demonstrate through still-frame images and live animations that in <italic>observing</italic> the viewing independent time dilation, the finite light transit(More)
A report of a case of chylous pericardium and a review of previously reported cases are given. The specific diagnosis can be made with pericardiocentesis and analysis of the fluid which is milky in appearance and contains fat droplets microscopically. Thoracic duct obstruction with failure of adequate collateral drainage and resultant reflux of chylous(More)
11 Vimtrup B: Om aabentastaaende Foramen wale og Embolia paradoxa med Embolus i Foramen wale. Nordisk Med 10:1839-1850,1941 12 Edwards JE: An Atlas of Acquired Disease of the Heart and Great Vessels. Philadelphia, Saunders, 1961, vd 2, p 700 13 Bland C, Olanders S: Paradoxid coronary embolism. J Path Bact 36:527-530,1963 14 From AHL, Wang Y, Eliot RS, et(More)
The CT findings in both the typical and atypical presentations of the Sturge-Weber syndrome are characteristic if not pathognomonic in most cases. The typical gyriform cortical calcification and cortical atrophy are well demonstrated whether associated with a small or enlarged hemicranium. Contrast enhancement was demonstrated in both cases where contrast(More)
One of the most visible aspects of special relativity is the relativistic Doppler effect --- the dependence of observed radiation wavelengths upon the velocity of the source and the viewing conditions.In this paper, we present a flexible and efficient method to simulate the Doppler shift. This new method has the following features:&#8226; Surface properties(More)
Multiple individuals of a temperate reef fish species (California sheephead Semicossyphus pulcher) were observed using an anvil to crush hard-bodied invertebrate prey. Potential implications for this behaviour extend from individuals, which may experience reduced likelihood of injury and increased reproduction, to communities, which could see changes in(More)
A major goal of ecosystem-based fisheries management is to prevent fishery-induced shifts in community states. This requires an understanding of ecological resilience: the ability of an ecosystem to return to the same state following a perturbation, which can strongly depend on species interactions across trophic levels. We use a structured model of a(More)
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