Robert H. Mitchell

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The development of genomics has dramatically expanded the scope of genetic research, and collections of genetic biosamples have proliferated in countries with active genomics research programs. In this essay, we consider a particular kind of collection, national biobanks. National biobanks are often presented by advocates as an economic "resource" that will(More)
Food fermentation has a long tradition of improving the safety, shelf life and acceptability of foods. Although fermented foods generally enjoy a well-founded reputation for safety, some notable outbreaks of foodborne illness associated with fermented foods have occurred. Microbiological risk assessment (MRA), as it has emerged in recent years, provides the(More)
G enomic biobanks—repositories of human DNA and/or associated data, collected and maintained for biomedical research— present ethical challenges different from those traditionally associated with medical research. Historically, when researchers obtained and used tissue samples, it was for defi ned purposes and the nature of the research was disclosed to(More)
Genomic biobanks present ethical challenges that are qualitatively unique and quantitatively unprecedented. Many critics have questioned whether the current system of informed consent can be meaningfully applied to genomic biobanking. Proposals for reform have come from many directions, but have tended to involve incremental change in current informed(More)
Article history: Received 22 October 2007 Received in revised form 30 June 2008 Accepted 13 August 2008 While research in entrepreneurship continues to increase general understanding of the opportunity-recognition process, questions about its nature nonetheless persist. In this study, we seek to complement recent research that relates “the self” to the(More)
ASQ STATISTICS DIVISION NEWSLETTER, VOL. 18, NO. 1 Process capability indices have been popular for over 20 years, since Joseph Juran12 popularized the Capability Ratio (Cr) in his Quality Control Handbook. Eagerness to establish a single index to measure process capability has resulted in the proliferation of indices: Cp/Cpk, Vp/Vpk, Pp/Ppk, Cpm, Tz, %OOL,(More)