Robert H. MacPhie

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A new finite plane wave series expansion for spherical wave functions of the first kind is presented in this paper. The formulation converts the spherical wave function described in the spherical coordinate system into a series of plane wave functions represented in the Cartesian coordinate system. The series expansion will be very useful in modal analysis(More)
A full-wave electromagnetic model for analyzing waveguide discontinuities of arbitrarily shaped piecewise planar boundaries is presented. The analysis is facilitated by using the finite plane-wave series expansion of circular cylindrical modal functions. Since electromagnetic fields on each of the planar boundary surfaces of the inhomogeneous region are(More)
A full-wave analysis of an inhomogeneous waveguide region with both planar and circular cylindrical boundaries is presented in this paper. Circular cylindrical modal functions are used to represent the fields. Field matching on the planar walls and apertures is rigorously achieved by the finite plane-wave series expansion of each modal field, whereas the(More)
This paper presents a simple but effective method for the analysis of open-ended waveguides. The method begins with the introduction of a large waveguide to approximate the half-space. In order to avoid the convergence problem lossy dielectric is assumed to homogeneously fill the large waveguide. After obtaining a number of convergent data for different(More)
The Mills Cross uses two orthogonal linear receiving arrays whose voltage patterns are multiplied to form a product pattern. With isotropic elements, the element spacing of each linear array is one half wavelength. This paper introduces a modified Mills Cross with isotropic elements spaced one wavelength apart, thereby reducing the mutual coupling between(More)
An orthomode transducer (OMT) is a key component in antenna feed network in frequency diversity satellite systems. An OMT can be considered as a polarization filter that separates orthogonal polarizations within the same frequency band. Two frequency channels can then be used simultaneously for enhancing system capacity. Among various OMT configurations,(More)
The Infeld function expressed in terms of the outgoing prolate spheroidal radial wave function and its derivative, and employed in the expression of the input self-admittance of prolate spheroidal antennas, has accurately been calculated by using a newly developed asymptotic expression for large degree n. This asymptotic power series has been derived by(More)
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