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Goals of the Course" !! To understand – " !! the historical antecedents of space travel" !! the science and technology of travel to the moon" !! the political and social forces that shaped the Apollo program" !! details of the Apollo program" !! evolution of society's perception of space travel" !! the enabling effects of industry and public opinion" !!(More)
The confirmation of excess power production and nuclear product evolution in various hydrided metal systems has led many to speculate about technological applications. Here we present a preliminary assessment of how "cold fusion" reactions may affect the technologies that are critical to space exploration. In particular, the implications for space(More)
Ultrastructural changes in the cortical cytoskeleton during wound-induced cytoplasmic contraction were examined in the coenocytic green alga Ernodesmis verticillata. Both calmodulin (CaM) and actin were localized in intact and contracting cells by immunogold labeling. Within 5 min after wounding, compact microfilament (MF) bundles were observed which(More)
The involvement of calmodulin (CaM) in wound-induced cytoplasmic contractions in E. verticillata was investigated. Indirect immunofluorescence of CaM in intact cells showed a faint, reticulate pattern of fluorescence in the cortical cytoplasm. Diffuse fluorescence was evident deeper within the cytoplasm. In contracted cells, CaM co-localizes with actin in(More)