Robert H. Gerber

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In this paper, we present the design, implementation techniques, and initial performance evaluation of Gamma. Gamma is a new relational database machine that exploits dataflow query processing techniques. Gamma is a fully operational prototype consisting of 20 VAX 11/750 computers. The design of Gamma is based on what we learned from building our earlier(More)
This paper extends earlier research on hash-join algorithms to a multiprocessor architecture. Implementations of a number of centralized join algorithms are described and measured. Evaluation of these algorithms served to verify earlier analytical results. In addition, they demonstrate that bit vector filtering provides dramatic improvement in the(More)
Parallel database systems have delivered on the promise of providing excellent, linear performance speedups for both decision support and transaction processing workloads across a variety of parallel system platforms. The challenge is now to extend those results across the entire open systems spectrum of loosely coupled environments while realizing the(More)
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