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DNA cytosine methylation is a central epigenetic modification that has essential roles in cellular processes including genome regulation, development and disease. Here we present the first genome-wide, single-base-resolution maps of methylated cytosines in a mammalian genome, from both human embryonic stem cells and fetal fibroblasts, along with comparative(More)
Regulation of gene expression by DNA methylation is crucial for defining cellular identities and coordinating organism-wide developmental programs in many organisms. In plants, modulation of DNA methylation in response to environmental conditions represents a potentially robust mechanism to regulate gene expression networks; however, examples of dynamic DNA(More)
Bacterial phytopathogens employ a type III secretion system to deliver effector proteins into the plant cell to suppress defense pathways; however, the molecular mechanisms and subcellular localization strategies that drive effector function largely remain a mystery. Here, we demonstrate that the plant plasma membrane is the primary site for subcellular(More)
Lafora disease (LD) is a progressive myoclonic epilepsy resulting in severe neurodegeneration followed by death. A hallmark of LD is the accumulation of insoluble polyglucosans called Lafora bodies (LBs). LD is caused by mutations in the gene encoding the phosphatase laforin, which reportedly exists solely in vertebrates. We utilized a bioinformatics screen(More)
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