Robert H. Barbour

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Seven macrocyclic diesters analogous to hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids have been tested in male weanling Wistar rats. The compounds were the succinate (VII), 2,3-dimethylsuccinate (VIII), phthalate (IX), glutarate (X), 2,4-dimethylglutarate (XI), 3,3-dimethylglutarate (XII) and 3,3-pentamethyleneglutarate (XIII) of the synthetic amino dialcohol,(More)
Information technology infrastructure is a critical element in modern day communication. Businesses, organizations, individuals, governments and other social services all rely on global IT infrastructure for reliable and timely communication. At the heart of this infrastructure are numerous hardware and software components, and the performance of each(More)
Professional doctorate candidates engage in discipline specific investigations linking practical questions with current developments and creating new knowledge in computing and information technology as an outcome. Course content and a constructivist pedagogy is described and exemplified for a professional doctorate in computing and information technology(More)
IT people are involved in creating order out of chaos and communicating new knowledge. IT academics and practitioners find themselves confronted on a daily basis with chaos, un-controlled change and more or less ordered change as new machines, software tools and techniques appear and have to be integrated into existing systems. Dealing with these challenges(More)
Projecting computing education trends forward into the near future in order to better understand the implications of present changes is a postmodern education research agenda. Such speculations are informed by present day events. Setting observed changes in computing education policy and practice against a constructivist theoretical framework based on(More)
An implementation of a two bit Gray-coded temporal logic based cellular automaton created several emergent properties. A program implementing the two-dimensional four color cellular automaton using Ant Farm is demonstrated. New and previously described emergent integer sequences are also identified. Possible applications in spatial modeling, knowledge(More)