Robert Green

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This review highlights the cutaneous side effects associated with the administration of chemotherapy and discusses the management of these conditions. Rapidly growing cells are the targets of chemotherapy, so the skin, hair follicles, and nail matrix are frequently affected by chemotherapy. Chemotherapy skin reactions are more likely toxic than allergic(More)
Emerging pollutants inherent in reclaimed municipal wastewater, including endocrine-disrupting compounds (EDCs) and pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs), often have cast uncertainties on the safety of water reuse. We examined the fate and transport behavior of several PPCP and EDC compounds through observations made at experimental turf fields(More)
The complex carbohydrates apple pectin, citrus pectin, flaxseed mucilage, blood group A substance, gum acacia, and gum myrrh as well as an extract of RBC, when examined in a pattern test, were shown to inhibit the agglutination of chicken RBC by influenza A virus. A number of other simple and complex carbohydrates showed no inhibitory effect. The(More)
A study has been made of the comparative virulence of several strains of vaccine virus for a number of hosts, and wide variation in animal susceptibility has been demonstrated. The results obtained in experiments with a chick-embryo-adapted strain are interpreted as indicating that the particles of virus are of essentially uniform virulence. Results of(More)
Academic and policy debates generally consider levying tax on corporate profit on either a residence or source basis. We explore two alternatives, based on the location of consumption, rather than production – destination-based, as opposed to source-based or residence-based, taxes. We analyse the properties of these taxes, especially with respect to their(More)
discussed, and he points out that merely because a disease is found to be familial in incidence does not mean it is hereditarily transmitted; leprosy, for instance, was long held to be a hereditary disease, and a law was actually proposed in the Norwegian Parliament forbidding the marriage of lepers for that reason. It was only with the discovery of the(More)