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Recently there has been a significant decline in the degree to which firms " pass through " changes in costs to prices, a decline that is frequently characterized as a reduction in the " pricing power " of firms. The decline appears to be associated with the decline in inflation in many countries. The decline has important implications for monetary policy(More)
The Hamilton Project seeks to advance America's promise of opportunity, prosperity, and growth. The Project's economic strategy reflects a judgment that long-term prosperity is best achieved by making economic growth broad-based, by enhancing individual economic security, and by embracing a role for effective government in making needed public investments.(More)
This paper examines how incumbents respond to the threat of entry of competitors, as distinguished from their response to competitors' actual entry. It uses a case study from the passenger airline industry—specifically, the evolution of Southwest Airlines' route network—to identify particular routes where the probability of future entry rises abruptly. When(More)
This paper studies determinants of income inequality using a newly assembled panel of 16 countries over the entire twentieth century. We focus on three groups of income earners: the rich (P99-100), the upper middle class (P90-99), and the rest of the population (P0-90). The results show that periods of high economic growth disproportionately increases the(More)
This paper examines inflation dynamics in the Unites States since 1960, with a particular focus on the Great Recession. A puzzle emerges when Phillips curves estimated over 1960-2007 are used to predict inflation over 2008-2010: inflation should have fallen by more than it did. We resolve this puzzle with two modifications of the Phillips curve, both(More)
Recently research on imitation and its role in social cognition has been flourishing across various disciplines. After briefly reviewing these developments under the headings of behavior, subpersonal mechanisms, and functions of imitation, I advance the shared circuits hypothesis. This hypothesis about subpersonal functional architecture describes a unified(More)
According to an infl uential view, one function of mirror neurons (MNs), fi rst discovered in the brain of monkeys, is to underlie third-person mindreading. This view relies on two assumptions: the activity of MNs in an observer ' s brain matches (simulates or resonates with) that of MNs in an agent ' s brain and this resonance process retrodictively(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop a palliative care casemix classification for use in all settings including hospital, hospice and home-based care. SAMPLE 3866 palliative care patients who, in a three-month period, had 4596 episodes of care provided by 58 palliative care services in Australia and New Zealand. METHOD A detailed clinical and service utilization(More)
BACKGROUND Metal fabrication workers experience high rates of traumatic occupational injuries. Machine operators in particular face high risks, often stemming from the absence or improper use of machine safeguarding or the failure to implement lockout procedures. METHODS The National Machine Guarding Program (NMGP) was a translational research initiative(More)
BACKGROUND Small manufacturing businesses often lack important safety programs. Many reasons have been set forth on why this has remained a persistent problem. METHODS The National Machine Guarding Program (NMGP) was a nationwide intervention conducted in partnership with two workers' compensation insurers. Insurance safety consultants collected baseline(More)