Robert Golding

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The incidence and clinicopathologic features of early gastric cancer encountered among surgical specimens from gastric resections for carcinoma in a recent three-year period, 1977 to 1979, at the Mallory Institute of Pathology were studied and compared with those of a pre-endoscopic period 10 years earlier, 1967 to 1969. It was found that early gastric(More)
Phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy (31P MRS) is a noninvasive technique that has been used to estimate free intracellular magnesium concentration (free [Mg2+]). Free [Mg2+] is computed from the chemical shift separation between the alpha- and beta-phosphate resonances of ATP. The current study was undertaken to critically assess the influence of(More)
The current paper develops a simple mathematical model for the determination of the concentration of ionic species using the chemical shifts of ATP from phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy (31P MRS) spectra. An iterative method is used to evaluate the equilibrium constants for a range of Mg/ATP equilibria. Initially, an expression for free magnesium(More)
This paper evolves from our previous work that developed a blood vessel model based on the way in which the total tension within the blood vessel wall varies with pressure due to the interaction of specific ions. We use the previous outcomes to examine the diameter of rat middle cerebral arteries (MCAs) as a function of pressure. The MCAs were isolated at 2(More)
The general experimental hamiltonian expressed in tensorial notation is assessed in a way to ensure that the outcomes from such a hamiltonian reflect correctly the electron-nuclear-magnetic field interactions and yields the appropriate parameters. Without such knowledge the use of hamiltonians in tensorial notation to analyse magnetic resonance spectra may(More)
The accurate interpretation of in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) spectra requires a complete understanding of the associated noise-induced errors. In this paper, we address the effect of complex correlated noise patterns on the measurement of a set of peak parameters. This is examined initially at the level of a single spectral analysis followed(More)
This paper illustrates how considerable information may be extracted from the easily obtained serum creatine kinase levels as a function of prednisolone intake in controlling and monitoring polymyositis effectively. A simple process is developed to enable a clinician to determine readily the optimum prednisolone intake to give the minimum average steroid(More)
BACKGROUND UV-blocking contact lenses were evaluated to determine if they could provide adequate ocular protection during narrowband UVB phototherapy treatment. Theoretical safe exposure durations for the crystalline lens, cornea and conjunctiva were determined. METHODS A Cary 500 spectrophometer generated transmittance data for six UV-blocking and two(More)
In the present report we have developed a mathematical model to describe the processes involved during high steroid therapy. We have shown that the model can predict clinical observations as well as determine the optimum steroid regimen without relying on trial and error methods. The model incorporates rate processes that simplify the physiological(More)
The authors have designed a mathematical model to investigate the influences of the physical and chemical properties of the cerebral blood vessel resistance on vessel diameter. The model is based on the way the total tension within the blood vessel walls varies due to specific ions interacting and affecting the vascular smooth muscle cells and the vascular(More)