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A variety V of Boolean algebras with operators is singleton-persistent if it contains a complex algebra whenever it contains the subalgebra generated by the singletons. V is atom-canonical if it contains the complex algebra of the atom structure of any of the atomic members of V. This paper explores relationships between these " persistence " properties and(More)
there is no one fundamental logical notion of necessity, nor consequently of possibility. If this conclusion is valid, the subject of modality ought to be banished from logic, since propositions are simply true or false. .. 1 INTRODUCTION Modal logic was originally conceived as the logic of necessary and possible truths. It is now viewed more broadly as the(More)
1 abstract. A structural semantics is developed for a first-order logic, with infinite disjunctions and conjunctions, that is characterised algebraically by quantales. The model structures involved combine the " covering systems " approach of Kripke-Joyal intuitionistic semantics from topos theory with the ordered groupoid structures used to model various(More)