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To contribute to a deeper understanding of interspecific relations between wood and tree size variables, 23 angiosperm tree species in two East African rain forests were investigated. The tree size variables were maximum tree height, maximum diameter, and maximum crown area. Wood was analyzed in regard of the physical variables specific gravity, water and(More)
Climate models predict a range of changes in tropical forest regions, including increased average temperatures, decreased total precipitation, reduced soil moisture and alterations in seasonal climate variations. These changes are directly related to the increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations, primarily CO2. Assessing seasonal forest growth(More)
Monthly stem increment of 766 trees was assessed for 7 years in Kakamega Forest, Kenya and related to monthly climatic variables. Mean stem increment of all tree individuals correlated negatively with maximum temperature but not with mean and minimum temperatures. For the precipitation variables sum of precipitation and number of rainy days we found(More)
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