Robert Glenn Howard

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Covalent attachment of activated products of the third component of complement to antigen enhances its immunogenicity, but the mechanism is not clear. This effect is mediated by specific receptors, mCR1 (CD35) and mCR2 (CD21), expressed primarily on B cells and follicular dendritic cells in mice. To dissect the role of mCR1 and mCR2 in the humoral response,(More)
CD40L, a membrane protein of activated T cells, interacts with the B cell receptor CD40. This interaction has been implicated in the rescue of germinal center B cells from apoptosis and in the rescue of WEHI-231 B lymphoma cells from sIg-induced apoptosis. In this report, we have demonstrated that the signal mediated by CD40L acts upon bcl-x, a bcl-2(More)
PURPOSE To assess the development of white matter and cerebral metabolite changes during and after treatment in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-three children (10 boys, mean age of 6.3 years; 13 girls, mean age of 6.6 years) with acute lymphoblastic leukemia were examined prospectively with magnetic resonance (MR)(More)
Activated B cells express Fas (CD95) and are targets for apoptosis induced by CD4+ Th1 effector cells that kill in a Fas-dependent fashion. We report here that IL-4 reverses the susceptibility to Fas-mediated apoptosis that characterizes CD40-stimulated primary B cells. IL-4-induced Fas resistance is not associated with an alteration in the elevated level(More)
Investigations of polymerization rates in an acrylamide-based photopolymer are presented. The polymerization rate for acrylamide and methylenebisacrylamide was determined by monitoring the changes in the characteristic vibrational peaks at 1284 and 1607 cm(-1) corresponding to the bending mode of the CH bond and CC double bonds of acrylamide and in the(More)
Introduction. We investigate the conditions under which posting software known as "DeCSS" on the Internet is ethical. DeCSS circumvents the access and copy control protection measures on commercial DVDs. Through our investigation, we point to limitations in current frameworks used to assess ethical computer based civil disobedience. Method. The paper draws(More)
Mice deficient in complement components C3 (C3 -/-) and C4 (C4 -/-) were found to have a profound defect in their Ab response to a T-dependent Ag (bacteriophage (phi X174). Characterization of the deficient mice demonstrated a diminished level of peanut agglutinin+ germinal centers and a failure in isotype switching despite normal B cell signaling in vitro.(More)
A previously well 15-year-old boy presented with a 1-year history of intermittent right-sided chest pain, worse in the previous two weeks. Chest radiograph showed a large lobulated mass in the right hemithorax. CT confirmed the presence of a 15-cm anterior mediastinal mass with small calcifications but no fat (Fig.1). Histology revealed immature teratoma.(More)
Background: It is not known whether body weight alone can adjust for the volume of liver in the calculation of the chelating dose in β-thalassaemia major patients, who frequently have iron overload and hepatitis. Objective: The hypothesis is that liver volume in children and adolescents suffering from β-thalassaemia major is affected by ferritin level and(More)
A calcium-activated neutral protease (CANP) has been purified 2,800 fold, to near homogeneity, from human platelets. The purification procedure involved ammonium sulfate fractionation of the platelet cytosol followed by chromatography on Sephacryl S-200, DEAE-Sephacel, Agarose-Hexylamine, Agarose-Octylamine and alpha-casein-Sepharose 4B affinity gel. The(More)