Robert Glenn Howard

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Cytokine and growth factor receptor engagement leads to the rapid phosphorylation and activation of latent, cytosolic signal transducers and activators of transcription (STAT) proteins, which then translocate to the nucleus where they regulate transcriptional events from specific promoter sequences. STAT3 expression in particular has been associated with(More)
B-1 lymphocytes represent a distinct B cell subset with characteristic features that include self-renewing capacity and unusual mitogenic responses. B-1 cells differ from conventional B cells in terms of the consequences of phorbol ester treatment: B-1 cells rapidly enter S phase in response to phorbol ester alone, whereas B-2 cells require a calcium(More)
BACKGROUND The potential of motor neuron progenitor cell transplants to preserve muscle tissue after denervation was studied in in vivo and in vitro adult mammalian model of peripheral nerve injury. METHODS Embryonic stem cells were differentiated to induce cholinergic motor neuron progenitors. Flourescent-labeled progenitor cells were injected into the(More)
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