Robert Glasser

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A 71-year-old previously healthy woman developed unexplained thrush, onychomycosis, Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, and a T-cell defect consistent with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Her only apparent risk factor was infrequent, monogamous sexual contact with her husband, a 74-year-old hemophiliac who had received factor VIII concentrate and(More)
Na251CrO4, disappeared from the circulation at different rates in the two subjects during the first eight hours after infusion. In one, label disappeared exponentially with a T/2 of 4.5-5.0 hours; in the other, the level of radioactivity remained constant. In both, however, a significant rise in radioactivity appeared during the second 24 hours, suggesting(More)
DNA labeling studies with 3HT and 32P 27 hr. Simultaneous labeling studies have been done in horses. Frequent in the same animals have produced sampling has defined cyclic fluctuablood granulocyte DNA labeling curves tions in blood granulocyte DNA label that are nearly identical indicating content with a cycle time of around significant reutilization of(More)
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