Robert Giffard

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The use of a combined spectral intensity and polarization signals optically scattered by tissue to determine analyte concentration in optically clear and turbid biological media was explored in a simulation study. Blood plasma was chosen as the biological model and glucose as the analyte of interest. The absorption spectrum and optical rotatory dispersion(More)
The precise role of the high concentration of ionic zinc found in the synaptic vesicles of certain glutamatergic terminals is unknown. Fluorescent probes with their ability to detect ions at low concentrations provide a powerful approach to monitoring cellular Zn 2+ levels. In the last few years a number of fluorescent probes (indicators) have been(More)
In successful brain tumor surgery, the neurosurgeon's objectives are threefold: (1) reach the target, (2) remove it and (3) preserve eloquent tissue surrounding it. Surgical Planning (SP) consists in identifying optimal access route(s) to the target based on anatomical references and constrained by functional areas. Preoperative images are essential input(More)
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