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MOTIVATION Functional analyses based on the association of Gene Ontology (GO) terms to genes in a selected gene list are useful bioinformatic tools and the GOstats package has been widely used to perform such computations. In this paper we report significant improvements and extensions such as support for conditional testing. RESULTS We discuss the(More)
TAL1/SCL is a master regulator of haematopoiesis whose expression promotes opposite outcomes depending on the cell type: differentiation in the erythroid lineage or oncogenesis in the T-cell lineage. Here, we used a combination of ChIP sequencing and gene expression profiling to compare the function of TAL1 in normal erythroid and leukaemic T cells.(More)
SUMMARY The assessment of data quality is a major concern in microarray analysis. arrayQualityMetrics is a Bioconductor package that provides a report with diagnostic plots for one or two colour microarray data. The quality metrics assess reproducibility, identify apparent outlier arrays and compute measures of signal-to-noise ratio. The tool handles most(More)
Graph theoretical concepts are useful for the description and analysis of interactions and relationships in biological systems. We give a brief introduction into some of the concepts and their areas of application in molecular biology. We discuss software that is available through the Bioconductor project and present a simple example application to the(More)
We review the estimation of coverage and error rate in high-throughput protein-protein interaction datasets and argue that reports of the low quality of such data are to a substantial extent based on misinterpretations. Probabilistic statistical models and methods can be used to estimate properties of interest and to make the best use of the available data.
UNLABELLED ShortRead is a package for input, quality assessment, manipulation and output of high-throughput sequencing data. ShortRead is provided in the R and Bioconductor environments, allowing ready access to additional facilities for advanced statistical analysis, data transformation, visualization and integration with diverse genomic resources. (More)
We describe Bioconductor infrastructure for representing and computing on annotated genomic ranges and integrating genomic data with the statistical computing features of R and its extensions. At the core of the infrastructure are three packages: IRanges, GenomicRanges, and GenomicFeatures. These packages provide scalable data structures for representing(More)
MOTIVATION Systems biology requires accurate models of protein complexes, including physical interactions that assemble and regulate these molecular machines. Yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) and affinity-purification/mass-spectrometry (AP-MS) technologies measure different protein-protein relationships, and issues of completeness, sensitivity and specificity fuel(More)
While scientific research and the methodologies involved have gone through substantial technological evolution the technology involved in the publication of the results of these endeavors has remained relatively stagnant. Publication is largely done in the same manner today as it was fifty years ago. Many journals have adopted electronic formats, however,(More)