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Marsh vegetation types of the Mississippi River Deltaic Plain
Marshes of the Mississippi River Deltaic Plain represent 17% of the coastal marshes in the continental United States. However, only a few detailed descriptions of the diverse plant communities thatExpand
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Marsh vegetation types of the Chenier Plain, Louisiana, USA
The Chenier Plain of Louisiana contains 3.085 km2 of coastal marshes and stretches from the Texas border to Vermilion Bay at approximately 91°30′W. The objective of this study was to describe theExpand
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The impact of a severe drought on the vegetation of a subtropical estuary
In order to document the effect of the recent drought and the resulting marine intrusion event on plant-community shifts in a Louisiana estuary, we analyzed two vegetation data sets collected inExpand
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Long-term vegetation change in Louisiana tidal marshes, 1968–1992
The Louisiana coastal marshes form some of the most extensive wetlands within the continental United States. The problem of land loss in these coastal marshes is well-documented, but very little isExpand
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Nesting Habitat Requirements of the Brown Pelican and Their Management Implications
Abstract Because of the severe land loss in coastal Louisiana, many natural nesting areas for the Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) are disappearing. Based on field measurements, geographicalExpand
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Abstract We report on the exponential growth of the Eastern Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis carolinensis) in Louisiana, following its extirpation in 1963, and its subsequent reintroductionExpand
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Population Estimates of River Otters in a Louisiana Coastal Marshland
We estimated the population of river otters (Lutra canadensis) in a southwest Louisiana coastal marsh by labeling the feces of 7-9 otters with the radioisotope of zinc (65Zn). Collection of 1,034Expand
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Variation in nutria diets in selected freshwater forested wetlands of Louisiana
Nutria (Myocastor coypus) diets and food preferences in selected freshwater forested wetlands of Louisiana were determined by microhistological examination of fecal pellets and stomach contents.LemnaExpand
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Effects of weir management on marsh loss, Marsh Island, Louisiana, USA
Weirs are low-level dams traditionally used in Louisiana's coastal marshes to improve habitat for ducks and furbearers. Currently, some workers hope that weirs may reduce marsh loss, whereas othersExpand
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