Robert G. Willhoft

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This paper reports on an investigation of parallel expression and execution in the current APL2 language. The study covers a historical, theoretical, and empirical viewpoint. The parallel nature of APL is traced from its foundations in the Iverson notation to current problems in executing APL on parallel hardware. The paper discusses features of the APL(More)
T<sc>HE NEED FOR</sc> a powerful, easy to use, parallel language continues despite very significant advances in the area of parallel processing. Many parallel languages are simply old sequential languages with parallel constructs added. This research describes the Data Parallel Language (DPL), a parallel language built from its foundations on parallel(More)
A Petri net is a graphical and mathematical modeling tool useful in the analysis of concurrent, asynchronous, distributed, parallel, nondeterministic, and/or stochastic systems. In addition, interest in Petri nets is increasing in the software community to model the behavior of parallel computer programs. The introduction of timed Petri nets allows system(More)
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