Robert G Tupac

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Fifteen young adult dogs were divided into three groups representing 0, 7- and 21-day healing periods. Randomly selected cuspid teeth were used to compare cord gingival displacement and gingitage techniques for subgingival tooth preparation and impression making. Clinical and histologic measurements were used as a basis for comparison. Results indicate that(More)
The capability of placing an osseointegrated implant at the time of tooth extraction and immediately placing a restoration on the implant depends upon a number of factors. This paper describes the traditional Brånemark protocol, the evolution of single-stage surgery, the guidelines for immediate placement, the measurement of implant stability, and the(More)
A total of 136 dentulous patients were divided into three groups for purposes of quantitative pantographic comparison of voluntary and induced Bennett movement. The effects of patient age and operator experience on recording the Bennett movement were also studied. The results indicates that for patients studied with Bennett movement iduced in the manner(More)
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