Robert G. Randall

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Low-head barriers used in the control of parasitic sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) in the basin of the Laurentian Great Lakes can alter the richness and composition of nontarget fishes in tributary streams. Identification of taxa sensitive to these barriers is an important step toward mitigating these effects. Upstream–downstream distributions of fishes in(More)
Juvenile Atlantic salmon of the Pigou and Bouleau Rivers, Quebec, were studied during the summer of 1972 and 1973. Growth increments for Pigou salmon averaged 36–50 mm yr−1 and smolts averaged 2.9 yrs old. Bouleau salmon grew slower (26–41 mm yr−1) and became smolts at a slightly older mean age (3.1 yrs). Mature male parr were more abundant in all(More)
Fisheries stock assessments are essential for science-based fisheries management. Inland fisheries pose challenges, but also provide opportunities for biological assessments that differ from those encountered in large marine fisheries for which many of our assessment methods have been developed. These include the number and diversity of fisheries, high(More)
Bluetooth is a communications standard targeting shortrange wireless communications with data rates of 1Mb/s at 10m distance. To encourage Canadian universities to pursue this commercially promising standard the Canadian Microelectronics Corporation is providing the intellectual property for a Bluetooth SOC Reference Platform. This platform does not(More)